Faculty and graduate students hold sessions which provide information to educate and elicit critical thinking on a variety of topics ranging from social inequities to substance abuse. The presenters discuss the current state of their topic, the challenges, and how to create change.


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Friday, April 17th

Are graduate students entitled to a professional quality of life?

Stephanie Leather, Arcadia University

Don't Stay in Your Lane: Meeting the Needs of Multilingual Learners Requires Collaboration.

Ellen Skilton, Arcadia University
Jennifer Gray, Arcadia University
Francine Vollman, Arcadia University
Rachel Black, Arcadia University

Exploring your Metaphor: Kintsugi

May Their Aye, Arcadia University

Fighting Invisible Battles: The Ripple Effect of Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, and Familial Relationships

Michelle R. Odelberg, Arcadia University

Inclusion and Support of Neurodiversity

Kimberly Dean, Arcadia University

Tackling Opioid Addiction across Disciplines: Current and Future Solutions

Nicole Nahmod, Arcadia University
Alexander Cristofor, Arcadia University

The Science of Leadership: Competencies Beyond Scholastic Knowledge Through the Lens of a Scientists.

Sam Krug, Arcadia University

Using human rights to promote health and wellbeing: opportunities and challenges

Monica Day, Arcadia University
Haley Castle-Miller, Arcadia University
Alex Otieno, Arcadia University