Student Submission Information: FAQ

What is ScholarWorks@Arcadia?

ScholarWorks@Arcadia is an online, open access institutional repository that collects the research and scholarship of Arcadia University into a single place, raising the profile of the university and its researchers. Scholarship from departments, students, and faculty is organized into an interconnected whole, while highlighting individual contributions. As an open access repository, ScholarWorks@Arcadia increases the impact of the scholarship it collects by making it freely available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

What are the benefits of ScholarWorks@Arcadia?

An opportunity to publish your research within a robust academic collection.

  • You own the copyright while contributing research to your discipline.
  • Highlight your research along with the research being done in your program and at Arcadia.
  • Greater research impact and exposure – your work will be freely accessible online, worldwide.
  • Discoverable online in sites like Google Scholar.
  • Persistent access to and long-term preservation of your research.

    How do I contribute to ScholarWorks@Arcadia?

    Deposits of undergraduate and graduate works are made via the "Submit Your Research" page on the left side menu of this repository. This form will ask you to agree to a "Submission Agreement," then allow you to enter the details about your work and upload a digital file of your work. If this is the first time you have submitted work, you will first be prompted to create an account using your Arcadia credentials.

    For all student works, a faculty member must sponsor the paper or project for inclusion in ScholarWorks@Arcadia.

    It is recommended that you contact your faculty member prior to filling out the submission form.

    What types of projects and research can I submit?

    Most formats of student research projects, posters, presentation, theses papers and dissertations are acceptable. Videos, image galleries, data sets, and many other options are available as well. ScholarWorks@Arcadia is a great place to archive and share your scholarship, whatever the format!

    Submission Requirements

  • You must be a current or recently graduated student of an Arcadia University program, in good standing.
  • Your work must have faculty sponsorship or advisor approval.
  • We accept electronic submissions only.
  • Publishing Options

    Immediate Release: Allows for instant access to the entire work, and is recommended. ALL undergraduate work will be published immediately.

    Embargoed Release: This delays release of the entire work for up to four years for publication or other reasons. The options are 1-year, 18-months, 2-years, 3-years, and 4-years, after which the work will be automatically released for worldwide access in the repository. Note that a catalog record will be entered, but no document will be accessible until after the embargo period ends. Graduate students may make requests for an embargo must be made on the submission form, undergraduate students may email the repository manager to enable that functionality. Please contact the repository manager if you have questions or need any assistance.

    Additional Publishing Options

    Removing works: If you want to have your work removed from the repository, simply contact the repository manager with a written (e-mailed) request and we will remove your item.

    Updates/Changes: If you need to have an item updated, edited or otherwise changed, contact the repository manager. Substantial changes may require review by your sponsoring faculty member.

    Implications for Future Publication

    Students submitting to ScholarWorks retain copyright of their work, which means that the work may be submitted for publication elsewhere. Journals typically require that manuscripts submitted for publication have not been previously published elsewhere. Please note that some journals may consider a work published if it is posted to an institutional repository like ScholarWorks. However, many other journals are happy to publish works that have been shared through an institutional repository. Students who feel that they may wish to submit their work to a journal for publication should talk to their sponsoring faculty member and to the repository manager. Works can be embargoed while an author is seeking publication (see above), and many journals allow specific versions of works accepted for publication to be included in repositories.


    Contact the repository manager: Melissa Correll, Assistant Professor and Student Success Librarian /28/2023