About Alpha Epsilon Lambda (AEL)

Alpha Epsilon Lambda is the only national honor society for the promotion of academic excellence for graduate students and students at professional schools. Arcadia University is the home of the Phi Chapter of this prestigious society. The several goals and missions of the society are: confer recognition and distinction for high achievement, promote leadership development, advance scholarship and encourage intellectual development, enrich the intellectual environment of graduate institutions, and encourage high standards of ethical behavior.

The Phi Chapter developed from a need on this campus to recognize the academic excellence and leadership potential of graduate students at Arcadia University. Graduate students seeking membership in the Phi Chapter of Arcadia University must have completed a minimum of 15 graduate semester hours, attain a graduate cumulative grade point average placing the student in the upper 10% of graduate students within each area of study currently enrolled at the University, and provide evidence of a record of leadership and service to the campus and community. These students are then invited to complete an application that asks their outstanding example of their scholarly or artistic work and a similar number of leadership and service accomplishments. As well as an essay to describe how their accomplishments relate to the goals of AEL. Once submitted, the applications are reviewed by a committee with a blind evaluation of applications in order to assure complete objectivity in selecting candidates who meet all criteria. Typically 12-15 students are inducted each year.

Once inducted they are lifelong members. The Arcadia Chapter has accumulated over 470 alumni from previous years, who are currently working in their field of expertise, and play a strong and sustainable potential role in building a network of new partnerships and opportunities for the Arcadia community.

An executive committee of students has been formed, which includes cross disciplinary efforts and teamwork among our brightest graduates to bring the goals and objectives of this society alive on Arcadia’s Campus.

Our current executive board is as follows:

President: Shamaa Vora MPH, MMS
Vice President: Bethany Wentz MAC/IPCR
Community Volunteer Director: Erica Hartmann MPH, MMS
Liaison to Other Chapters: Jaclyn Hudak Master of Education
Secretary/Treasurer: Keysha Jackson MBA
Faculty Advisors: Lindsay McGann MPH

Our incoming executive board for May 2020 is as follows:

President: Wendy Hautzinger MPH
Vice President: Elena Schatell MPH/MMS
Community Volunteer Director: Lorren Ruscetta MAC/IPCR
Secretary/Treasurer: Brian Mays Master of Education

GALILEO-W: The GALILEO-W conference was created to provide empowerment and action oriented capacity to the already robust graduate student body on Arcadia University’s campus. Engaging the full Arcadia community, as well as the local community, with these leaders, with the intention to be building leadership, equity and service connections to the Arcadia community. The conference also provides an opportunity for students to move beyond recognizing a problem toward taking action on a solution, as well as stress the importance of building strong partnerships across disciplines. Students have the opportunity to connect with their peers, to share their stories and the vision for the world they want to live in.