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A Natural Remedy: NBCCPT Approach in School for ADHD Diagnosed

Kiran Patel

Adapting Implicit Stereotype Expectation Through Perspective Distancing

Cheyenne Perez

ADHD: Not Overdiagnosed, Misdiagnosed

Krista Graham

Associations Between Childhood Adversity, ADHD, and Negative Parenting

Melissa Schuler

Beneficial Roles the Sacred Can Play in Mental Illness

Katelyn Harper

Cell Phone Alerts Impair Certain Aspects of Visual Attention and Driving Performance

Kayla Sansevere

Communicating Change: the Power of a Biospheric Frame on Environmental Policy

Patricia Flukey

Comprehensive Elderly Care: Moving Towards a Person Centered Care Model of Dementia Care

Evan Cerebe

Defining, Differentiating, and Describing the Development of Psychopathy

Kelly Haines

Depression in Adolescence: Risk Factors, Prevention, and Intervention - An argument for trauma-informed care in the community

Beauty Davis

(Dis)Connectedness: How Modern Social Relationships Relate to Non-Suicidal Self Injury in Youths

Lauren Wightman

Effect of Exercise and Mindfulness on Risk Taking Behavior

Alec Miller

Effect of Motivational and Imagery priming on accuracy motor performance

Megan Mejia

Effective Interventions in Reducing Caregiver Burnout in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jenissa Rodriguez

Effects of Bupropion (Wellbutrin) on Suicidal behavior, Risk Taking behavior, and Mood

David Harmon

Efficacy of Peer Mediation for Adolescents in Schools

Xavier Alvarez

Factors and Alleviation of Learned Helplessness in the Elderly

Ashley Eckett

Factors of Physical Activity in Youth

Joshua Held

Faith-Based Intervention: Bridging the Religiosity Gap

Mariah Williams

Framing a Dual-Task and its Effects on Performance and Mood

Laura Yang

Implicit racial bias in healthcare communication

Sarah Rothhaas

Improving Peer Relationships in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Heather A. Bounds

Is It Yanny or Laurel: How Executive Function Capacity Impacts the Perception of an Ambiguous Stimulus

Emily Schneider

Is There An Association Between Animals and Inmate Mental Health?

Cole Benko

"It's All In Your Head": Diagnostic Overshadowing and Mental Illness

Katya Monarski

Narcan Training and the Public Perception of the Opioid Crisis

Megan Burch

Perception of Others and Their Actions

Hope Sabin

Physical Therapy Adherence: An Exploration into Motivation

Keith Rader

Physician Burnout: Risk Factors, Consequences, & Prevention

Ianna Checo

Protective Factors in Education for Gender and Sexual Minority Youth

Linda Riad

The Advantage of the Disadvantaged in Developing Resilience

Rebekah A. Good

The Domino Effect: Intimate Partner Violence, Attachment, & Social Competence

Katelyn Ahern

The Effect of Deep Pressure Therapy on the Health of Individuals With Developmental Disorders

Kaitlin Faulcon

The Effect of Emphasizing Strengths on Readiness to Change

Taylor Dunn

The Effects of Color Constancy and Memory Color on Afterimage Hue

Kimberly Sudlow
Katherine Moore, Arcadia University

The Effects of Sexual Advertisements on Women’s Mental Health and Marketing

Kaitlyn Jones

The Effects of Virtual Reality in the Treatment of Stroke Patients

Melissa Schoettle

The Factors Behind High Rates of PTSD and AUD Comorbidity Among Military Veterans

Maeghan Myers

The Fear of Reinjury and Motivational Influences Contributing to an Athlete's Return to Sport

Erica Moyer

The Social Aspects of Depression throughout the Lifespan as a Means for Prevention

Gabrielle Moyer

Therapist Self-Disclosure and Recall of Therapy Content

Shivani Mansharamani
Steven Robbins, Arcadia University

Treatment of Comorbid Anxiety Disorders in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Melissa Trout

Using Rats to Investigate the Relationship Between Environment and Depression/Anxiety

Samantha Dixon

Violence and Mental Health: The Negative Outcomes of Childhood Maltreatment

Serina Danner

Weight Stigma in Different Aspects of Life

Emanuel Noyola

What Are The Associations Between Drinking, Exercise and Smoking and the Disease Progression of Alzheimer’s Dementia?

Danielle Konrad

Why Adolescent Athletes are More Susceptible to the Effects of Stress on Injury Vulnerability: Linking Stress-Induced Neurological Restructuring to Behavioural Outcomes and Possibility for Injury

Shannon Ryan

You’re Just a Dollar Sign to Them: Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Birth Control

Katie Fleck