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An observation of search behavior reveals that users lose the forest for a single tree by clicking on promising search results too quickly. Converse with your BFF to determine what it knows, how much it knows about it, how well it knows it, and then how to use what it knows to move on to the specialists. This session will help you see connections that you might already see intuitively so that you can help users refine their own judgment skills about what Google results are telling them. The presenter will engage participants in analyses of several case studies.


Participants will be able to:

  • State how Google being big, fast, and familiar is so comforting.
  • Help their users recognize the strengths and limitations of Google.
  • Explain how number and quality of search results can prepare them to anticipate what article databases might have to offer.
  • Analyze KWIC for potential search terms.

Presenter Information:

Calvin H. Wang is an assistant professor and the Sciences Librarian at Arcadia University in suburban Philadelphia. He is the liaison librarian providing IL training to 8 undergraduate and graduate sciences and works additionally with First-year Seminar and English 101 courses. He has volunteered in the junior high school library and has high school students in the home which provides points of IL comparison. He has taught adjunct courses at both the undergraduate graduate levels. He has taught related PaLA (Pennsylvania Library Association) seminars at the 2011 and 2014 Annual Meetings and at the LIRT (PaLA Library Instruction Round Table) in 2010.

Assistant Professor & Digital Resources Librarian Adam N. Hess has been at Arcadia University's Landman Library since May of 2014, where he has been working on growing the institutional repository, ScholarWorks@Arcadia (, as well as building campus resources and initiatives for scholarly communication and open access. Additionally, Adam liaises to the departments of Art & Design, Theater Arts, and Media & Communication, teaches first-year and university seminars, and is a co-chair on the Scholarly Communication Faculty Steering Committee. Adam holds a Master in Fine Arts (Studio Arts | Photography) and a Master of Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University. He received the Samuel H. Kress Fellowship in Art Librarianship in 2011 which took him to Yale University. Prior to coming to Arcadia University, Adam was the Digital Asset Manager for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in New York where he curated and provided access to the foundations digital archive of images and media. Adam also currently serves as the Membership Chair for the Arts Library Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)-New York chapter.

(This abstract is adapted from PAFILS.)


This presentation, prepared by Calvin H. Wang and presented by Adam N. Hess, took place at the PA Forward Information Literacy Summit: Framing the Value of Information Literacy (PaLA, Pennsylvania Library Association), 29 July 2015. It was hosted by Penn State University, Paterno Library at Paterno Library in University Park, PA. The presentation was titled Breakout 2.2 Big, Fast, and Familiar and may also be found on the 2015 PAFILS Presentations webpage.