Graduate students from all disciplines at Arcadia University discuss the research they have done and projects they have been involved in. These presentations are thought provoking and include a vast array of information from many fields on gaps in research and current guidelines.


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Friday, April 17th

A Comparative Policy Analysis of the United Kingdom and India Regarding the Reuse of Medical Devices.

Shamaa Vora, Arcadia University

A Comparative Program Analysis of Male Bystander Intervention Programs on College Campuses

Maura Franey, Arcadia University

Associations Between Delivery Location with Early Breastfeeding Initiation and Support in Three West African Countries

A-Mac Harris, Arcadia University

Comparisons of Maryland County green space to responses about depression and physical activity on the 2016 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Erin Kenny, Arcadia University

Developing teachers’ intentions of incorporating socioscientific issues in lesson design

Zachary Minken, Arcadia University

Evaluation of School Wellness Policies for Accordance with the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 and Obesity Prevention

Marissa Conley, Arcadia University

Hospital Characteristics and Hospital Acquired Infections in the United States

Cassidy Prewitt, Arcadia University

Impact of cognitive distraction on Six-Minute Walk Test and gait mechanics in a patient with functional movement disorder: A case report.

Erin Kenny, Arcadia University

Outcomes of Neuropace RNS vs Surgery Among Patients with Epilepsy in Eloquent Foci

Erica Hartmann, Arcadia University

Perceptions of Rape and Sexual Assault Held by College Faculty, and Staff at a Private University

Fallon O'Hara, Arcadia University

Say What You Mean to Say: Unpacking the Complexities of Communication Between Patients and Their Providers

Kate Timony, Arcadia University

The Effect of Peer Mentoring on Certified Peer Specialists’ Own Recovery: A Health Belief Model Approach.

Eli Feathers, Arcadia University

What will you do to help elementary students who struggle in the engineering design process? Analysis of teachers’ reflections (Fundamental)

Zachary Minken, Arcadia University