Bradan Bill


The purpose of this research is to compare modern American socioeconomic mythos to the real concrete situation in a fully neoliberalized society and economy. In particular this article examines the largely unquestioned presumptions that have become internalized and repeated by economists, politicians, journalists, and the average American. This is done through a survey of income, taxation, and social data, obtained through several large government and public databases, and one anecdotal example which consumes American socioeconomic nostalgic thought. Additionally, this article seeks to step outside the normal bounds of the overly sanitized language which has dominated academia since the 1970’s, by using rhetorical moral and ethical questions to increase the vast chasm between reality and myth. This article uncovers and elaborates upon several points which have become ‘common-sense’ but have led to counter-intuitive limit-situations, given the internalized logic of American mythos.