About This Journal

The JOURNAL is a high-quality, peer-reviewed academic periodical dedicated to quantitative and qualitative research of political, legal, economic, social and cultural issues within International Relations, Peace Studies, and Development Studies. The JOURNAL provides a research platform for the innovative perspectives of Arcadia University and the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) community in order to foster critical thinking and debate, targeting audiences in academia, research institutions, governments, NGOs, civil society, amongst independent scholars and in the private sector. The journal accepts submissions from esteemed academics, independent scholars, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers with the relevant background and interests.

The JOURNAL was originally designed to reflect the vision of AGS in an effort to contribute to the field of International Relations and Diplomacy by providing multiple perspectives to foster critical thinking, debate and greater understanding. Arcadia University’s involvement in the project has allowed for the incorporation of additional knowledge, research and expertise from their International Peace and Conflict Resolution program. The journal takes an interdisciplinary approach complementing the perspective of these two institutions. This collaboration reflects the longstanding partnership between the two institutions, which together comprise the official publishing body.

Using an online-only, open source document, the journal publishes on an annual basis and is available at no cost. This is following the growing trend of the Open Access Movement (OAM), which has made it possible since the 1990s for researchers and academic institutions to self-publish via the Internet, and to challenge the dominance of large commercial publishers and provide a platform to freely share knowledge.

For more information, please contact Patrick Clairzier at: journal@ags.edu