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Bruce Springsteen and the American Dream


Dr. Jeanne Buckley


University Seminar, Arcadia University Undergraduate Curriculum


This paper explores the life and music of rock icon Bruce Springsteen. To start, we must define what freedom is and what it means in the context of this research. Then we will analyze his life, where we see that Bruce Springsteen is a free spirited individual, and he wanted to show the rest of the world what it means to be free. After analyzing his early life, we must take a look at his young adult life, which serves as a transition to his professional music career. We then take a look at individual songs and their message of freedom. These songs had a significant impact on others, which we will examine afterwards. Then the research becomes tied into the course and its title, “Bruce Springsteen and the American Dream.” We will not only define the American Dream, but apply Bruce’s life to the definition and see how the course must include the importance of freedom to truly show what the American Dream is all about.

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