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Writing For The Social Sciences


Dr. Helen Marie Miamidian


Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice; College of Arts & Sciences


By examining theories, doing a review of the literature, and providing arguments, the contents of this paper analyze multiple aspects of the modern binary gender system in high school, as well as teenage sexuality performances. This paper brings together research involving different schools from different areas, and explains why and how LGBT and gender non-binary students are oppressed in classes, by the curriculum, and in socialization between students. If these schools are more open with their student population about the prevalence and existence of LGBT and gender non-binary students, then schools will be better equipped to provide support, and create non-discriminatory policies. The research provides insight into the ways students and the school system reinforce the binary gender system, which consistently pressures non-conforming students into the heteronormative standards. Further research should be done because of the current climate of this topic and the lack of quantitative research on non-binary school students.