Submit Your Work

The Compass accepts scholarly works completed as part of a students undergraduate curriculum. The scholarly journal also accepts artistic works driven by research that are scholarly in nature. Painting, sculpture, and video theses are examples. These should be accompanied by a written component. Students from all colleges and universities are encouraged to submit.

Submission requirements:

Submissions should be formatted in Chicago style with a bibliography. End notes should be included in place of footnotes. (However, you will still be considered for publication if you use another citation format).

1. Fill out the online Submission Form. Students collaborating with other students or a faculty member in the writing and/or research leading to the final paper must attest to the work being their own and that The Compass has the co-authors' permission to publish.

2. Email your submission as a word document attachment to thecompass@arcadia.edu. The email format is as follows:

– The Subject line of the email should start with "APP:" and should include applicant’s name and paper’s field of study. Ex. “APP: Hanna Lee, Psychology”

– The Body of the email should include a 30 word summary description to be used as an abstract for the website.

– The attachment should be named with applicant’s last name, first name, and title of the paper. Ex. “Lee, Hanna: The Effects of Depression on REM Sleep”

Please note: we will review submissions of any length, and we will review multiple submissions, within reason..

Application process:

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Each submission will be reviewed by a member of the Extended Review Board comprised primarily of current Arcadia faculty within the discipline of the submission. Once a piece has been designated as scholarly by the extended review board, it is then reviewed by at least one member of the Editorial Board, comprised of Arcadia undergraduate students, who will recommend acceptance, acceptance with revisions, or rejection. The decision will then be communicated to the submitter along with any changes that may be required. Additional information may be requested after acceptance including a photo and a short biography.

Editing Process:

Once a submission is accepted for publication, an author is required to regularly communicate with student editors. Student editors will work closely with authors to revise formatting, syntax, grammar, or any other issues with an accepted submission. Revisions must be finalized on a timely basis. If an author is unavailable for the editing process, The Compass staff reserves the right to discontinue publication of a given paper.

Questions? Contact The Compass staff at thecompass@arcadia.edu.