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Editorial Board

Nicole Franiok ’18
Nicole Franiok is the Editor-in-Chief for The Compass, Arcadia University’s Scholarly Journal. Through her pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in pre-law, Nicole maintains a strong presence in on-campus organizations such as Honors, Arcadia Ambassadors and Pre-Law Club. Nicole has studied in Washington D.C., London, England, and traveled to Estonia, Latvia and Russia on a global field study. Her other caffeine-fueled pursuits include curating playlists for weekly radio shows and maintaining a vinyl collection.

Haley Keene ’18
Haley Keene is an Editor for The Compass. She is a senior, majoring in political science and minoring in pre-law studies. She has had the opportunity to study abroad both in London and Washington D.C. while at Arcadia. In addition to four jobs, Haley participates in several clubs and other extracurriculars around campus. On the rare occasion that she has free time, Haley can be found re-watching the Office for the hundredth time and procrastinating on most of her assignments.

Erika Raskay ’18
Erika Raskay is a senior pursuing a political science bachelor's degree at Arcadia University. She is involved with AU Rotaract, the Honors Council, AU’s College Access Mentoring Program, and serves as an editor for The Compass. Her academic interests include legal, policy, and education studies.

Kristen Stedman ’19
Kristen Stedman is a junior communications major and art minor. Since 2016, she has served as an editor for The Compass. Outside of The Compass, Kristen writes and edits for lifestyle magazine Loco Mag and nurses her continually-expanding tea collection. In fall 2017, she is studying abroad in England through Arcadia's London Internship Program.

Rylee Cella ‘19
Rylee Cella is a junior double major in International Studies and Spanish with a Pre-Law minor. She enjoyed studying abroad in London, England in the Spring of 2016 and Granada, Spain in the Fall of 2017. In addition, she is a mentor for First Year Study Abroad Experience students, as well as international students and she partakes in the Cabaret club as well.

Emily Miller '18
Apprentice Editor
Emily Miller is a senior English major at Arcadia University. She studied abroad in London, England where she explored her love for all things Tolkien and discovered her interest in Old English. When not reading or writing, Emily can be found playing the flute and reciting quotes from The Princess Bride. "Inconceivable!"

Jane Miller '21
Apprentice Editor
Jane Miller is a first-year biology major in the Pre-Forensic Science Program at Arcadia University. She loves to travel, and is involved with the String Ensemble, Honors Program, and Arcadia Ambassadors on campus. In her free time, Jane can be found either in her room reading a novel or in the sky flying a hot air balloon.

Danielle Wurster ‘18
Apprentice Editor
Danielle Wurster is a senior cultural anthropology major with a Japanese minor. In addition to being a full time student with two jobs, Danielle enjoys reading detective novels while drinking way too much tea. She has studied abroad in Japan, and would like to travel to other parts of the world. She has an associate degree with a social science emphasis and has been a Japanese language tutor for 1st year students as well as a writing tutor for 4 years.

Emmalee Gagnon ‘20
Apprentice Editor
Emmalee Gagnon is an English major with a concentration in creative writing at Arcadia University. At nineteen-years-old, Emmalee is an accomplished aspiring author from Western Pennsylvania. She has completed three novels, one of which has been completely edited with her writing mentor and freelance editor, Patty Zion. Emmalee has won multiple poetry and short story contests, and some of her work will be published in a book during the spring. After graduation, she plans to be a fiction author and editor, and considers working at The Compass to be a wonderful way to keep her editing skills sharp and to have a chance to work directly with other authors.

Business Board

Dawn Gioia ’20
Promotion and Submission Manager
Dawn Gioia serves as a Promotion and Submission Manager for The Compass Business Board. She is a business administration major with a minor in fine art. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys making jewelry and playing sports such as volleyball and soccer.

Maya Walker ’19
Promotion and Submission Manager
Maya Walker is a junior studying business administration with a concentration in marketing and is a Colorado native. She serves as a Promotion and Submission Manager for The Compass Business Board as well as the director of Open Houses for Arcadia Ambassadors. On the side, Maya loves photography, food, and traveling. She has travelled to China, Mexico, and South Korea.

Katherine Wolfrum ’19
Logistics Manager
Katherine Wolfrum is the Logistics Manager and an editor for The Compass. She is a junior psychology major at Arcadia University. Katherine plans to spend a year abroad at Maynooth University in Ireland and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Founding Staff

Nicole Chouljian ’16
Founding Editor

Frances Dumlao ’15
Founding Member of the Business Board

Jayson Flores ’14
Founding Member of the Business Board

Francesca Mayr ’16
Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief (2013-2015)

Gabrielle Thomas ’14
Founding Editor & Editorial Board

Christopher Sarachilli ’15
Editorial Board Contributor

Tara Smith ‘15

Carmela Straiton ’16
Business Board Contributor