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Editorial Board

Jane Miller ’21
Jane Miller is a biology major in the Pre-Forensic Science Program at Arcadia University. She has been to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, London, Canada, and multiple US states. She hopes to continue her traveling adventures as she works towards her degree. Jane is also involved with the String Ensemble, Honors Program, and Arcadia Ambassadors on campus. In her free time, she can be found either in her room reading a novel or in the sky flying a hot air balloon.

Rylee Cella ’19
Editorial staff member Rylee Cella is a senior, double major in International Studies and Spanish. She has studied abroad in London and Granada, Spain. When she is on campus, she is a mentor for FYSAW students and International students, and she partakes in Cabaret Club and is on the Arcadia Women’s Swim Team.

Rebecca Choi ’19
Apprentice Editor
Becca Choi majors in Writing and Graphic Design at Arcadia University. She writes poetry, flash fiction, and theory papers often from an existentialist point of view. She currently struggles with the revelation that language itself is a poor medium for accurate expression. Her work has been featured in the Pennsylvania Anthology for Emerging Poets, Quiddity, the Playwickian, and Howler. She has studied in Stirling, Scotland; Seoul, Korea; and Cairns, Australia while at Arcadia. Her strongest passions lie in the arts community, primarily the mural arts, public art, and sculpture.

Sydney Smith ‘19
Apprentice Editor
Sydney Smith is an editor for The Compass. She is a senior, pursuing a major in International Studies and a minor in Political Science. She is involved with AU’s For the Women, Amnesty International, and AU’s College Access Mentor Program. She studied abroad Spring 2018 at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland. While there, she enjoyed the company of the Knitting Society, hiked Glen Nevis, and explored the ruins of many Scottish castles. Her academic interests include international relations, political science, human rights, and history. In her free time, she can either be found in the library researching or in Easton drinking too much coffee and talking about all the research she needs to do.

Emma Connolly ‘20
Apprentice Editor
Emma Connolly is a junior History major in the Honors Program at Arcadia University. She is an active member in the Society for Castle Restoration and Knight Tales Book Club, and is participating in the university’s annual Rocky Horror Picture Show screening as a crew member. When not in class, Emma enjoys reading, playing guitar, and writing short stories. She hopes to one day work in a museum or with the National Park Service as an archivist or historian.

Kathryn Knab ’20
Apprentice Editor
Kate Knab is a junior English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and minor in Spanish at Arcadia University. She has studied abroad in London, England and has had the opportunity to walk a portion of the Camino pilgrimage in Spain. So far, she has been to more European countries than states in the US. When she's not traveling or writing, Kate spends her free time trying to teach Spanish to her goldfish.

Rose Lapiska ’21
Apprentice Editor
Rose Lapiska is a sophomore English major at Arcadia University. Other than being involved in the Honors Program and working, she enjoys travelling, reading, writing, and procrastinating. Having traveled previously throughout England, Japan, and Oman for various cultural and educational trips, one of her favorite things to do in her free time is to figure out the next place she wants to explore. .

Samantha Katsikas '21
Apprentice Editor
Samantha is a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English accompanied with a minor in French. In addition to her first year as an editor for The Compass, she is a member of the women’s golf team at Arcadia University. In her free time, she loves to read, make jewelry, and travel. As an aspiring author, she plans on pursuing a doctorate in English literature and becoming an English professor.

Business Board

Katherine Wolfrum ’19
Logistics Manager
Katherine Wolfrum is the logistics manager and an editor for The Compass. She is a senior psychology major who is involved with Arcadia’s Honora program as well. Katherine has studied in Maynooth, Ireland and Christchurch, New Zealand, and is part of the study abroad mentoring program at Arcadia. In her free time, Katherine enjoys reading and hiking.

Nicole Gieselman ‘19
Layout Editor
Nicole Gieselman is a senior pursuing Global Media and Spanish. A self-proclaimed caffeine and travel addict, she studied abroad in both Sydney, Australia and London, England. When not at work or in class, Nicole can be found baking chocolate-chip cookies, visiting local parks, or doing yoga in her backyard.

Dawn Gioia ‘20
Promotion and Submission Manager
Dawn Gioia serves as a Promotion and Submission Manager for The Compass Business Board. She is a business administration major with a minor in professional writing. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys making jewelry and playing sports such as volleyball and soccer.

Founding Staff

Nicole Chouljian ’16
Founding Editor

Frances Dumlao ’15
Founding Member of the Business Board

Jayson Flores ’14
Founding Member of the Business Board

Francesca Mayr ’16
Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief (2013-2015)

Gabrielle Thomas ’14
Founding Editor & Editorial Board

Christopher Sarachilli ’15
Editorial Board Contributor

Tara Smith ‘15

Carmela Straiton ’16
Business Board Contributor