Document Type


Publication Date

Fall 2022

Course Name

FA2022.LONI INPR 310 - Work in Thought and Action


Dr. Joanna Simos


College of Global Studies


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the term “hybrid work” has been popularized in an attempt to maintain productivity while maintaining social distancing. Hybrid work is a combination of working partly online at home, and partly in the typical office setting. Its existence predates the pandemic; however, it has increased in usage due to the frequent need to quarantine. Hybrid work has also exceeded the boundaries of traditional work, most notably extending into the education field, affecting students’ learning. Come the tail-end of the pandemic, many institutions have adopted the hybrid work model in attempts to suave people’s concerns about returning, as well as to cater to their convenience and accessibility, all while maintaining productivity. Despite all of the research done in hybrid work throughout the pandemic, there are still many discrepancies as to the maintenance of productivity between both work environments.