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FY103.2 Backwards and in Heels: Gender Inequity


Dr. Jeanne Buckley


First Year Seminar, Arcadia University Undergraduate Curriculum


This paper explores how female gymnasts, particularly Aly Raisman, have sparked the gymnastics world’s involvement in the #MeToo movement. It briefly touches on Raisman’s beginnings with gymnastics and how she became an elite U.S. gymnast but promptly dives into her #MeToo story, focusing on her traumatic experiences with Olympic doctor Larry Nassar. Furthermore, her story brings to light how she and other survivors of sexual assault have faced credibility discounting, also known as gaslighting, for sharing their truth. By sharing parts of Aly Raisman and other survivors’ testimonies, this paper highlights not only the trauma and pain they endured while facing their abuser in court, but also the unity and community they found during the process. Most importantly, Aly Raisman’s ongoing fight for change and awareness regarding sexual abuse within workplaces and the sports world has sparked other survivors to find their courage to speak out as well.