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Bruce Springsteen & the American Dream


Buckley, Jeanne


English; College of Arts & Sciences


There has been an obvious divide when it comes to the working class; Bruce Springsteen brings this topic to light throughout his years of being a musician. This paper will discuss how Bruce Springsteen grew up in the working class and how he was able to beat it and become successful by making songs that connect with people. Although Bruce Springsteen was able to escape his hometown, that never let him give up on where his roots were and who his people were. Specific examples will be used from Bruce Springsteen's autobiography, as well as his songs “Born is the U.S.A” and “My Hometown.” This paper will connect those examples to how Springsteen is still currently attempting to defeat the social issue of the working class. This paper will also touch on how the Vietnam War drastically changed the working class which made Bruce want his voice to be heard even more.