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Bruce Springsteen and the American Dream


Jeanne Buckley


University Seminar, Arcadia University Undergraduate Curriculum


This paper explores the notion of Bruce Springsteen as the voice of the working class. It touches on Springsteen’s background and he development of his working class identity. It then goes onto discuss how Springsteen’s working class identity is portrayed in his writing in a generalized fashion to represent a large portion of working class people. He does this through storytelling and the creation of characters. Springsteen also looks to represent common emotions rather than specific circumstances. Specific examples from Springsteen’s writing are given. The paper also examines how Springsteen has advocated for the working class people both through his music and other means. Overall, the central idea is that Springsteen has used his platform and experiences to speak for the working class people in such a way that they cannot be ignored.