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Winter 12-2018

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Bruce Springsteen and the American Dream


Dr. Jeanne Buckley


University Seminar, Arcadia University Undergraduate Curriculum



Bruce Springsteen grew up in Freehold New Jersey. Supported by his working-class family he found his way to major success as a rock musician at a young age. This piece touches on Springsteen and his interaction with politicians, his infamous and misunderstood song “Born in the USA.” Charity involvement including Boys and Girls Club of America and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts are emphasized as Springsteen reconnects to his roots at the Jersey Shore. Factories such as Farmland Dairies, Ocean Spray, and Mercedes Benz headquarters have been shut down and outsourced work due to high New Jersey taxes. “Trenton Makes the World Takes” was once a sign that gave working class people hope for a better life. As they worked on opposite sides of the bridge, supplying the world with handcrafted goods while they provided a living for themselves and their families. Statistics show now that many people in the state of New Jersey live dangerously close to the poverty level. Although not close enough to receive any benefits.