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Publication Date

Spring 3-2017

Course Name

GFS 181: Authentic Ireland


Jeanne Buckley


Preview/Global Field Study; Office of International Affairs


Nestled in the side of a mountain in the west of Ireland is the iconic Kylemore Abbey Castle. This paper explores the history of this structure by examining the legends, myths, and facts behind it and the surrounding land. The myths and legends are linked to Ireland’s old Celtic beliefs and explain much of the interesting landscape surrounding the massive structure. Majority of the paper focuses on the factual history of Kylemore which starts from the first construction of the castle all the way to how it is being used today. The Victorian castle has had many owners throughout the years, each with their own rich history. While the research component includes a plethora of websites, books, and peer reviewed articles, much comes from personal touring of the abbey itself and viewing estate lands with which it is surrounded by.