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Publication Date

Fall 2015

Course Name

PS201 - Political Science Research Writing


Hilary Parsons-Dick


Historical & Political Studies; College of Arts & Sciences


The Cold War was centered on the fight for superiority in the international system between the United States and the Soviet Union. The tension between both parties was communicated through their testing of nuclear weapons, as to reveal the power of mass destruction to one another. Semipalatinsk is a nuclear weapons test site in present-day Kazakhstan in which the Soviet Union conducted hundreds of nuclear weapons tests. These tests not only proved to be threatening to the United States, but also to the inhabitants of the region. The grave toll proved to be more dangerous to the people and the environment rather than the Soviet Union's adversary, the United States. As a result of the countless nuclear tests, the post-USSR Kazakh government adopted a nuclear weapons free agenda and became an advocate for the removal of nuclear weapons.