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Commercially Geneticizing Race, Ethnicity and Nation: The Implications of Discourse Surrounding Commercialized Genetic Tests about Identity

Kiara Jacoby

Development Aid as Migration Management: A Case Study of the US Strategy for Engagement in Central America

Claire B. Weisner, Arcadia University

Externalizing the Internal: The Criminalization and Externalization of the Black Township-dweller in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Ashley Lamoreaux

Frameworks of American Identity Building: Necropolitics and the Construction of an Enemy, Immigrant Other

Madeline Ritter

Gender-Based Violence in Mumbai, India: International NGO Failures and Legacy Barricades

Tessa Kilcourse

Intergnerational Trauma and its Effects on Family Dynamics and Self-Identity

Nicole Alfonzo Ramirez

Latino Male Immigrant Workers: The Unvoiced Workforce within the U.S., Subject to Higher Risks of Injury & Left without Support

Sarah Velasquez-Rosario

Natural Resources in the Arctic: Geopolitical Impact Natural Resources Have on the Canadian Inuit

Renee Travis, Arcadia University

Nicknaming Corruption: Jair Bolsonaro's Populist Rhetoric in the Social Media Construction of Ontologically Corrupt Social Types

Heidi Specht

Offenders of Solidarity: Far-Right Politics, French Migration Policy, and the Criminalization of NGOs

Raquel Kubicz

Post-War Ethno-Religious Nationalism and the Establishment of Israeli Settlements: 1967-1975

Casey Lebo

Rehabilitating Sexually Abusive Clerics: an examination of the role of clerical-Child Sexual Abuse in contemporary Church-State relations.

Jeremy Lepore

Rising British Ethno-Nationalism and the Salience of Racialized Discourse in British Mainstream News Media

Caitlin Aldridge

South Korea: The Barriers of Gender Equality in modern-day South Korea

Sabrina Freed

South Korea: Where Pop Culture and Politics Collide

Selena Colon

Supervised Injection Facilities: A Critical Review of Cases in Canada, Australia, and Western Europe

Catherine McGurk

The Buzz About Ethiopia: A Look at Self Reliance, Beekeeping, and Local Economies

Sarah Green

The Formation and Solidarity of Puerto Rican National Identity

Destiny J Torres

The Launching of the Tenth Crusade: Medievalism and Post-9/11 Discursive Deployments against an Enduring Enemy

Catherine Hill

The Political Consequences of “Rape Prevention” and Other Principally Assimilative Components of the Introduction Programs for Norwegian Immigrants

LaTae Johnson, Arcadia University

The Revival of Fashion: Aesthetic Imaginaries and the Reconstruction of the Modern Italian Nation

Luke Victor

The Rohingya Muslims: Liminality and Statelessness

Olivia Grajewski

The USA Patriot Act: A Policy of Discrimination

Sarah Krimson

Trading Neoliberalism for Nationalism : How National-Populist Idealogues in India and The United States Use Sociocultural Dissatisfaction to Scapegoat Minorities

Zachary T. Konopa, Arcadia University

“We are not gays!”: Queer practices and identities as Foreign in South Africa and India

Clare Donovan