Repository Guidelines

This document provides guidance for ScholarWorks@Arcadia, Arcadia University’s online, open access institutional repository. Outlined below are guidelines for administration, collections and copyright.


ScholarWorks@Arcadia is administered by the Landman Library with the support of the Office of the Provost.

Repository Manager: Adam Hess, Director of Landman Library | 215.572.2842 |


ScholarWorks@Arcadia will collect research and scholarship produced by current faculty, staff, and students of Arcadia University. Collections are organized by school, department, curricular area, or administrative office, and are further sub-divided into faculty, graduate and undergraduate works. In addition, ScholarWorks@Arcadia publishes refereed, peer- reviewed journals, and collections of archival material related to the university and its mission. The repository is able to accept works created in a wide variety of formats.

Collection development priorities include, but are not limited to: 1. Publishing faculty scholarship, including gray literature (e.g. working papers, white papers, reports), previously-published articles from scholarly journals, chapters in books, conference papers and presentations, data sets, and many other formats of research or professional work 2. Publishing original student work 3. Publishing theses and dissertations from graduate programs 4. Publishing undergraduate Senior Capstone papers, projects, and creative works 5. Publishing Arcadia University sponsored conference and presentation proceedings. Please note that all student work published in the repository is sponsored by an Arcadia faulty member who approves submission of the work.


All contributors to ScholarWorks@Arcadia contribute content with the knowledge that their work will be made freely and openly available to the world via the Internet. Authors retain their rights to all content published in ScholarWorks@Arcadia unless prior copyright and/or publisher agreements stipulate otherwise. Questions regarding copyright should be addressed to the repository manager.

Revision and Removal of Works
Authors may update or revise works published in the repository, though substantial revisions by a student may require faculty sponsorship.

ScholarWorks@Arcadia will remove any work submitted by an author if the author simply sends a written request (e-mail) to the repository manager. Requests that a work be withdrawn due to a suspected copyright violation should be e-mailed to the repository manager as well. We also reserve the right to refuse to include any submission, or to withdraw any submission from ScholarWorks without prior notice.

Co-Authored Works
Each author of a publication may grant permission for the work to be included in ScholarWorks@arcadia without the permission of co-authors, however, it is best practice for submitters to inform their co-authors of their intent to submit. Should a co-author object to the posting of their work in ScholarWorks, they can e-mail the repository manager, and the submission will be removed.


Unpublished Original Works
ScholarWorks@Arcadia respects intellectual property rights, but also strongly believes in the importance of fair use (Title 17, §107 U.S.C.) in enabling scholars to “re-use…existing cultural and scientific material” to “generate new research and culture and promote…intellectual change” (ARL). ScholarWorks@Arcadia follows guidelines published by the Association of Research Libraries stating that repositories should “respect the integrity of deposited materials that include selections from copyright works incorporated in reliance on fair use” (ARL).

As such, this repository will not check works that have not previously been published for compliance with copyright law. Rather, we believe that it is the responsibility of each individual author to determine if their use of copyrighted materials falls under fair use, and that it is the responsibility of individual authors to obtain permissions to use copyrighted work where necessary.

Previously Published Works
If a work has been previously published, the repository manager will work with the author to determine and obtain, where necessary, permissions from the copyright holder to include the work in the repository.

Rights and Terms of Use
For unpublished scholarly or creative works, the right to download or print any portion of this material is granted by the copyright owner only for personal or educational use. The author/creator retains all proprietary rights, including copyright ownership. Any editing, other reproduction or other use of this material by any means requires the express written permission of the copyright owner.

Except as provided above, or for any other use that is allowed by fair use (Title 17, §107 U.S.C.), you may not reproduce, republish, post, transmit or distribute any material from this web site in any physical or digital form without the permission of the copyright owner of the material.

For previously published works (journal articles, book chapters, etc.) for which the publisher retains copyright, permission has been granted (where necessary) to post this material on ScholarWorks@Arcadia. For any use, which exceeds personal use or fair use, permission may be required by the copyright owner of the material.

For works posted in ScholarWorks@Arcadia that display a Creative Commons license in their record and/or on the work itself, the use of that work is governed by the terms of the license selected by the content creator. For more information about Creative Commons licenses, or to license your own work, please visit or e-mail the repository manager.

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Updated: 5/31/17