Date of Award

Fall 2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in International Public Relations


Media & Communication; College of Arts & Sciences

First Advisor

Michael D. Dwyer


The notion that “Big Brother Is Watching” has been around for decades, it is an often-used catchphrase to describe surveillance or privacy infringements. The evolution of the Internet, cellular networks and the growth of high speed connections worldwide has allowed an endless supply of devices to connect to this global network and produce an infinite supply of very specific, personal data. Without question these technological advancements have revolutionized industries and enhanced lives. However, the opportunity for “Big Brother” to watch has similarly evolved at a rapid pace. Not only is “Big Brother” watching, but he is also doing things with the information he is seeing. The political and cultural implications of these often-secretive activities have only recently started to become a topic of discussion in the general media. This paper will explore some theories of surveillance and privacy that inform our understanding of the subject even today, identify the entities that represent “Big Brother” in the digital age and highlight some recent examples of their activities. Finally, this paper will provide some answers to questions for consideration about this topic, specifically within the discipline of Public Relations.

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Communication Commons