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Spring 4-12-2023

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LONI INPR 310 - Work in Thought and Action


Dr. Joanna Simos (


College of Global Studies


In this paper I will be discussing the various ways that the United Kingdom has played an integral part in creating the way the world looks at and practices common law, while also addressing the systemic racism and elitism entrenched in the U.K. legal system. I will also be comparing the U.K. to the United States as American law was built on the influence of British law and share deep similarities to how minorities are treated due to constant and ongoing systemic disadvantages and legal elitism. I will be discussing how the U.K. and U.S. are trying to address the various ways both countries are working to bridge the diversity gap within each respective legal systems, and to do this I will be heavily reliant on peer-reviewed sources and articles to relay my point; which is that it is quite clear that the U.K. and U.S. have built their legal systems on oppressive and separatist ideals and as times changed, they are being forced to address the lack of diversity and equality within the profession.