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Backwards and in Heels: Gender Inequity


Dr. Jeanne Buckley


First Year Seminar, Arcadia University Undergraduate Curriculum


This paper examines the efforts put forth by Eliza Hatch, who is an established photojournalist and activist, which pertain to women’s rights and sexual harassment all over the world. Hatch has a multitude of projects dealing with sexual harassment and the unequal treatment of women all across the globe. She is mainly based in London and New York, but has also completed projects in Sri Lanka. Through her activistic career, which began in 2017, she has garnered ample media attention and has raised awareness regarding the issues she tackles in her projects. Through her photo-sets, documentaries, and talks at universities, she has established herself as a credible and well-respected warrior in the battle for equality and an end to sex-based violence. Because of her efforts, the world has seen a significant change in the media representation of sexual harassment and its survivors.