Going Green: A Look Inside Arcadia’s Environmental Efforts


Jessica Hornig

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Honors Project


Tom Macchi



Honors Project


In a world of heightened awareness of environmental sustainability, I wondered what my university was doing to contribute to lowering carbon footprints, saving energy, recycling, etc. My honors project this semester focuses on all of the efforts the facilities department is making to keep Arcadia sustainable. Many of these efforts go completely unnoticed by the student body, and that is something that I wanted to change. Did you know that Arcadia recycles lightbulbs, batteries, and desks? Or that The Commons is solar powered? Or that we have green roofs to save energy and conserve heat? I researched all of these features and more in conjunction with my mentor, Tom Macchi, Head of Facilities. Working in tandem with Tom, Calvin Wang from the Faculty Environmental Sustainability Committee, and Caitlin Burns from University Relations, I worked to get news articles out to the student body in order for the students to be just as proud as I am of Arcadia’s truly future-oriented stance on sustainability.

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